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College Showcase School Liaison FAQ

What does it mean to be a Showcase School Liaison?

You are responsible for reaching out to the admissions team for your selected/assigned school and collecting information to "decorate" your school booth.

You will receive a list of questions to ask/answer and a list of ideas that you can choose to pursue.

You will update the online directory with the information you find and upload the video, documents, photos that you collect.

By when does this project have to be completed?

Our targeted go live date for the online showcase is October 16th.

Booth decoration and any additional interviewing of admissions reps need to be completed by Oct 9th.

Why should I do this?

You'll have the opportunity to get the inside scoop about your colleges of interest while making connections with admissions directors, alumni, staff. You'll also have a neat project and leadership opportunity to showcase and share. And you'll meet a lot of other student leaders in the process. And maybe even people who are interested in the same schools!

What type of support will I have?

You will get a kickoff package. We'll have weekly reporting and a web site where you can track your progress. We'll catalog issues and answers and additional resources. If you receive questions that you can't/don't want to answer, you can forward those to the project supervisors. You can also recruit additional students to help you on your School Team.

Can I choose whatever school I want?

If there is not already a lead or team, you can absolutely kick off the project for the school. Adding/removing team members will be completely at the discretion of the project leadership team.

Can I choose more than one school?

You can be on multiple teams as long as you are making/reporting progress. Adding/removing team members will be completely at the discretion of the project leadership team.

Are there other leadership opportunitiies?

If you're interested in taking on additional leadership opportunities, you can apply for the following roles: Director of Multiple Schools/Projects
High School Coordinator
PTA Coordinator
Faculty Coordinator

Who can participate?

Homeschooled or high school students from the Mount Vernon District of Fairfax can participate as project leads. All students and parents are welcome to attend the College Showcase once it's live.

How do I apply? What will happen after I apply?

Click on the Apply to Participate button. You will enter some basic contact information and answer a few questions about your interests/availability. You will then be provisionally assigned to your desired school. Once the assignment is made, you will be asked to report progress on a weekly basis. Adding/removing team members will be completely at the discretion of the project leadership team.

How much time will my involvement require?

The kickoff process of contacting the college representative should take approx. 1 hr. Following up. It will be a decision of you (and your team, if applicable) how elaborate or comprehensive you want to make your college's booth. It could include - interviews with current students, grabbing resources and links from the college web site or info provided to you by the representative. Total effort will likely be between 2-5 hours of email and database updating but it could be more depending on the factors above.

How much does it cost?

There are no fees or costs associated with participating as a School Liaison.

Do I get any sort of certification?

You will receive a downloadable/printable certification of participation recognizing your participation as a project lead. You can also request a letter of recommendation detailing the elements of your participation, signed by the project director, to be included in your portfolio.

About Leadership NoVA

Leadership NoVA is a new initiative that seeks to support and challenge NoVA high school students while connecting them with business, educational, community leaders. We are launching a program called the Project Managers Group, which is a year long training and coaching program that helps student-members create and manage real projects, developing project management, communication, problem solving, and leadership skills.

Frazier O'leary is the founder/director of Leadership NoVA. He is a parent, South Fairfax resident, former high school teacher, and entrepreneur/community leader. He has worked at the intersection of education, entrepreneurship, and technology for 20 plus years. He is inspired by training tomorrow's leaders, managers, and entrepreneurs today through challenging projects, experiential education, and networked support.

He is the "chief inviter" of the Fort Hunt Community Business Association (www.FortHuntCommunity.com) and the curator of FortHuntParent.com. He is also the curriculum director/project manager for the Project Managers Group. Over the past 20 years, he has served as a Senior Technical Consultant for Follett School Solutions and Tandem Conglomerate, the Stargazer Foundation, and the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship.

Will there be any in person interaction?

The majority of the management/communication will be done via email and our project management web site. If necessary, there MAY be some (optional) in person meetings, probably at West Potomac High School (TBD).

Why are you doing this?

In addition to just thinking this would be a fun project, we are hoping to launch the new Project Managers Group, a training/coaching program for high school students in 2019. This initiative is meant to both get the word out about that new program and to identify areas for improvement while testing the curriculum and resources.

What is the difference between Leadership NoVA and the Project Managers Group (PMG)?

The PMG program will be a selective training/coaching program with both ongoing requirements and a tuition/fee. The PMG team will plan events, programs, including speaker series, sales fairs, publications, productions, performances, organizational consulting, networking events aimed at leadership development,community building, and business support.

What if I want more information?

Feel free to contact Frazier at Frazier@FortHuntParent.com. We will also have an informational webinar/video coming soon.