Welcome to the Fort Hunt Business Boosters Program

The goal of this program is to create WIN-WIN situations where it's easy and affordable lead generation for local businesses to attract new prospects/customers AND provide schools/orgs a new source of funds.

As a business, you'll be able to pick EXACTLY the type of prospective customers that you want to put your message in front of WHILE helping schools and organizations raise funds.

And you'll be able to limit or expand your investment based on real results in real time!


What could be better than that?!?

Your "And Now a Word from our Sponsors" Ad that Attendees view when they pre-register...

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How it Works for Businesses

1) Choose an Event that you think will attract your prospective customers.
2) Establish your start up "Results Required" sponsor pledge amount ($100) - 100% distributed to our partner organizations based on their invitations!
3) See in real time registered attendees, viewers of your Sponsor Ad and requests for more information.
3) After event, evaluate your results and make payment based on results.
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How it Works for Schools/Organizations

1) Choose an event that your parents would be interested in attending.
2) Invite parents using your personalized organization invite link.
3) See in real time your visitors and revenues raised (between $1.00 and $5.00 per visitor based on how many Business Boosters we have!).
4) After event, receive your funds based on invited attendees!
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To participate, businesses choose an event that puts them in front of their prospective customers (e.g. College Showcase or Pre-School Expo) and pledge a certain amount of money to the General Boosters Fund (to be paid AFTER the event).
2) The business makes a start up pledge ($100) which results in a $1 contribution for every registered visitor that views your "And now a word from our sponsors" ad.
3) The schools/organizations shares invitations to the event with their parents that they think would benefit from attendance. 4) Visitors register to attend and have the opportunity to hear "a word from our sponsors" and to request more information (if desired). 3) After the event, the Boosters Fund shares the revenue raised with the schools/organizations based on invited visitors. **

Step #1

Select which ONLINE events you're interested in being a School Booster for.
Save Preferences (under construction)

Step #2

This is your start up pledge as an event Business Booster.
I'm In!
Note all sponsorships and pledges are conditional on review and space availability.
Your start up sponsor pledge amount provides a contribution of $1.00 per qualified, registered attendee who views your Sponsor Ad. You'll be able to view visits in real time.

If the number of registered, qualified attendees begins to approach your pledge amount, you can adjust your pledge amount in real time and ensure that you are still receiving views and requests for information.

Step #3 - Maximize your value with your Sponsor Info and your Ad

- Give the viewer an easy, compelling next step to encourage them to "request more info".
A download, a coupon, a video or video series, a special diagnostic. If you are interested in discussing ideas and strategies, I'm always available!

Step #4 - Track Your Results

Sample Tracking Dashboard

Pre-School Activities FairResultsLast Activity
Visitors 10010/15 - 9:30 AM
Registrations 50 10/15 - 9:30 AM
"Word from Our Sponsors" Ad Views 2510/15 - 9:30 AM
Requests for More Info 1010/15 - 9:30 AM

Step #5 - Review Views, Results, and Make Payment

After the event, you'll be able to review the results - # of visitors, # of views - and make your payment to the Boosters Fund to be distributed to our partner organizations.

We want you to keep doing this! Remember that 100% of your sponsor funds go to our participating organizations who are helping to invite prospective customers to attend the event and view your Sponsor Ads.

You will also be recognized as the contributor/sponsor whose generosity has enabled the event and helped raise funds for the schools/organizations.

Any Questions?

Please email Frazier@FortHuntParent.com